March 23, 2016

Top 10 WordPress Travel Themes

WordPress Travel Themes

As a travel business owner, you will probably want at some point to create your own website. WordPress has many options for themes that you can choose from.  Our web design company, based in London, has compiled a list of what we believe are the top 10 choices you should attentively study, with reasons too.


  1. Midway – Responsive Travel is a phenomenal theme as it has so much info in an easy to use platform. With this platform, your clients can search and book tours, make payments and fill out a contact form if they have any questions.
  2. The Place – Hotel and Business is a good theme if you have a business like a bed and breakfast or hotel. This platform will give your clients the ability to see what is available and make reservations easily.
  3. Cousteau is a theme that is designed for travel agencies. Your business will be able to show videos and maps of tourist destinations as well as specific itineraries your clients can choose from. There is also a way to categorize your vacation packages.
  4. The WordPress theme, Adventure, is a good one for sharing travel experiences. If you have a business that caters to adventurous travelers, this is definitely the theme for you! You will be able to link up to social media and provide your potential clients with firsthand knowledge of the adventures you offer.
  5. Voyage is perfect for companies that want to assist their clients in booking the perfect vacation. It will allow you to customize each travel destination with area attractions and maps, which will help your clients plan every detail in advance.
  6. The Tourism theme can also be thought of as a perfect travel journal. It allows you to post different travel experiences and also provides your clients the ability to search for areas of interest.
  7. Listify will allow your business to share what is going on in and around your area. This basically is made up of a listing with different activities and places to see. You will have the ability to sell souvenirs for your area and business too.
  8. If you want to share your travel adventures with anyone, then Explorable is the theme for you. It is the new spin on the old mark, the map on the wall with pins. It pins the posts you create onto a virtual map.
  9. Evoke is a way to share all of those travel pictures and stories.  It is an easy theme to use and customize, which makes it perfect even for beginners.
  10.  Monarch is a wonderful theme to use, especially if you are a business with clients from many different countries. It has multilingual support and even allows clients to use your site on their phones or tablets with ease.


As you are setting up your WordPress site, you are sure to have many questions.  Our web design company specializes in web development and can be there for you when you need it. We can assist you to build your own website.

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