March 23, 2016

The Best Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Research

When you are designing a website for your business, you need to think about what you want your customers to be able to do with it.

Do you want them to only be able to access information or would they be able to place orders and payments as well?

You also need to do some research into what words people are using when they are searching for businesses like yours.


There are many keyword tools available that will make this task a little easier. Some of these tools are free, while others have a cost involved. Most of the free options will give you basic information. While some paid versions will give you more suggestions or variations to try.



is a free website that will allow you to see how often your keywords have been searched on multiple search engines. A few of these search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Amazon. This is a great way to find what keywords you should use that are being searched for in multiple places. If you have a difficult time coming up with other ideas, this website will even auto-generate words and phrases for you.


Uber Suggest

is another free website that takes keyword searching to the next level. It allows you to choose a language for the phrase you want as well as whether you want the search to be done as a basic web search or a more specific search like news or videos.
You will then be given additional suggestions for the phrase that you would like to use. There is a possibility that you can find hundreds of new keywords to use that people are actually searching for.



Is a paid research tool that will show your results with real-time data.  The real-time data is an added bonus, because many of the free websites are not updated as often as necessary. The ability to access what people are looking for at the moment, can give your business a lead over their competitors.

This website will give you the ranking of your keyword phrase results and you will be able to export the results into a spreadsheet for future reference.


Google AdWords

used to be the main website that everyone used to research keywords. However, Google made some changes and AdWords has become Google Keyword Planner. There is no cost involved in using this website, but you will need an AdWords account. The Keyword Planner will suggest more variables of phrases than some of the other tools do, but it will not give you exact keyword suggestions. It will also show you some information on how often those keywords were searched for. In an average month, and how much competition you may have with the exact keywords.


While many of these research tools are easy to use, sometimes it is better to find an expert in the field, in order to see results much quicker. Many businesses will hire a professional web application development company. Most of these web agencies will assist you in creating a website as well as giving you the best keywords and phrases that will put your business at the top of multiple search engines.

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